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When I get my name in lights
it can happen overnight
Sound of Music 
12th-Nov-2007 08:40 pm
Ben loves his island
Hi, all!

I am currently studying in Salzburg, Austria. Even though it's the place where the Sound of Music was set, not many Austrians know the musical. At all. Next week, we are having an American Thanksgiving dinner with a talent show and inviting about a hundred Austrians. My friends and I have the idea to introduce them to the Sound of Music by performing some of the music.

I was wondering if anyone had some sort of karaoke or backing track for some Sound of Music songs? It would be especially great if you had some kind of SoM medley!

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! And I'm sure the Austrians will love you after they are introduced to this wonderful musical.

(Unfortunately I have almost nothing in the ways of audio or vids to share. But I'd be happy to do whatever else I can for you.)

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